Water Service Line Coverage

Sewer/Septic Line Coverage

As a sewer/septic line ages, it becomes even more likely to leak, clog or break. If this happens, you may be responsible for repairing any damage to the line that runs from your home to the street or septic tank on your property. Keep sewage where it belongs—in a sewer/septic pipe flowing away from your home.

Be ready for the unexpected with Sewer/Septic Line Coverage that keeps you protected and keep what’s underground, covered.

I had it for a year before using it...The service was outstanding. The contractor cleaned up after himself and removed the debris.

Belinda Y., Philadelphia, PA
Interior Plumbing & Drainage Customer

We're very glad we went with this contract with the water company. We are highly impressed. I think your contractors are very professional and handled this job very well.

Bea O., Springfield, PA
Full Coverage Customer

For just $9.49 a month you get...

  • Up to $7,000 per year with up to 2 service calls ($3,500 max per call)
  • 24/7 HomeServe toll-free emergency service hotline
  • Expert repairs by local, licensed and insured contractors
  • Pay nothing for covered repairs up to your service call benefit

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