Water Line Insurance Protection

As your home gets older, so does the exterior water service line that brings fresh water to your house. If the original line on your property has never been replaced, it's more likely to leak or break usually due to ground shifting, tree roots, soil and water conditions, or simple wear and tear. In most cases, the homeowner is responsible for the cost of repairs, which means you could be faced with an expensive repair bill.

There’s no way to prevent a water service line emergency, but you can be prepared with affordable Water Line Insurance Protection.

Please Note: If you have not received a mailing from us about your responsibility for the exterior water service line on your property, please check with your municipality or local water company before purchasing.  Most, although not all, homeowners are responsible for these lines.

They did a great job. my mother-in-law called and the guys came and got the job done.

Mary P., Louisville, KY
Exterior Sewer/Septic Line Customer

We were satisfied with the service and it paid for itself. It's a good service to have.

Cathy C., Harrisburg, PA
Interior Plumbing & Drainage Customer

For just $4.95 a month you get...

  • Up to $12,000 annually with up to four service calls ($3,000 max per call) for qualified repairs
  • 24/7 toll-free emergency service hotline
  • Expert repairs by local, licensed and insured plumbers
  • All covered repairs are guaranteed for one year

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