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As a homeowner, you may be unaware that you are responsible for the systems throughout your home. Repairs can be expensive and are not typically covered by basic homeowners insurance. To better serve SourceGas customers, many options were evaluated to manage the cost and inconvenience of home system repairs. After considering several companies that offer this type of protection, SourceGas recommends HomeServe to our customers interested in purchasing a protection plan for their home.

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Interior Gas Line Coverage

Unexpected problems with your natural gas line can happen at any time due to aging of the pipe or other problems. Protect yourself from trouble and expense with coverage for your gas line that provides fast and reliable service.

If you smell gas in your home leave the area immediately and call SourceGas at 1-800-563-0012 to have your service turned off.

Water Service Line Coverage

If the water line that brings fresh water into your home suffers a leak or break, in most cases you are responsible for the time-consuming and expensive repairs. Protect your water service line with coverage that safeguards your family and your wallet.

Sewer/Septic Line Coverage

What’s worse than untreated sewage seeping into your lawn or bubbling up through your sidewalk? Keep sewage where it belongs - in a sewer/septic pipe flowing away from your home. Protect your finances with Sewer/Septic Line Coverage that keeps you protected and keeps what’s underground, covered.

Interior Plumbing & Drainage Coverage

A clogged toilet, overflowing sink and slow drain are common, inconvenient and sometimes costly plumbing problems. Get protection against expensive repair costs with coverage to keep your plumbing and drainage flowing nicely.

Interior Electrical Line Coverage

Whether it’s old or new, the electrical wiring inside your home is a complex system and has lots of places where things could go wrong, like outlets, breaker panels, sockets and fuse boxes. Power up your protection against indoor wiring breakdowns with coverage that keeps you grounded against safety issues and costs.

Exterior Electrical Line Coverage

Whether your home is served by overhead or underground power lines, as a homeowner, you are most likely responsible for the maintenance and repair of your home’s exterior electrical components. Lighten your load if a wiring problem occurs with coverage that removes the stress and cost of repairs.

Coverage Benefits:

  • 24-hour emergency repair hotline
  • Local, licensed, and insured contractors
  • Pay nothing for covered repairs up to your
    coverage limit after 30 day waiting period
  • 1 year guarantee on all covered repairs
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

There's nothing like the feeling of knowing that if a home
repair emergency happens, you have the coverage to

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They were prompt and they couldn't solve it immediately but they stuck to it and took care of it.

Edward B., Seaville, NJ
Heating System Repair Customer

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